Paragon 2015.1 is the second release of Paragon OS, powered by Linux and Xfce for a clean and stylish experience.

package-x-genericReady out of the box

We’ve added in more firmware support installed by default – this means everything should work from the moment you plug it in. Along with this, there’s also a new Printer module in the YaST control panel. Also new is native Intel, AMD and Nvidia graphics support – now you can jump right into your favourite games without a second thought! You can download Steam through YaST or alternatively search for games on the openSUSE Software website.

New apps available

Meet Gedit and Evince, a powerful text editor and document viewer good for every occasion.


GeekoPowered by Linux

Linux is the world’s most advanced operating system, which makes it the perfect base for Paragon. Paragon OS is based on openSUSE so you’re guaranteed the latest updates for stability and security. Not to mention completely binary compatible with openSUSE 13.2 – meaning if you install the latest packages for 13.2 they should work almost automatically in Paragon.

Paragon OS is available now for 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

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